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Bon Rouge is a blog where you can find information, reviews, and tips regarding restaurants, bistros, bakeries, and dining experiences in Victoria. We are always uploading new material, hence it is important to keep browsing around the blog for it.

My name is Rocio Mahan and I am the founder of this blog, but I don’t work on it alone. I am joined by my three closest friends that I love to go out and grab a bite with. We came up with the idea for a blog while trying a new incredibly good bakery that we’d failed to see before. We thought it would be great if someone had told us earlier about this place.

The only reason I am the founder is that I got to work sooner, as we were all excited to put up our own little blog. As we all got to writing, though, we realized that we actually had a considerable amount of material to share with the world and especially with tourists coming to visit Victoria.

We enjoy talking about all the new places emerging in the city as much as we enjoy reviewing those old classics that remain strong and delicious. We want to be the blog you and all our readers prefer to get help deciding what new places to try and what food to taste.

The amount of people that follow us has been growing steadily and with their suggestions and questions, we have improved our posts quite a bit. We are lucky to be read by both locals and visitors that share their experiences with us, after following our advice.