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Origin Bakery – The Gluten-Free Option in Victoria

If you are in Victoria, craving a tasty pastry, but are on a gluten-free diet, then Origin Bakery is there for you. This is a place where you can find anything your heart desires and without the negative effects that gluten can have, as absolutely all their recipes are gluten-free.


You can find Origin Bakery at 1525 Pandora Ave, in Victoria and it is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also give them a call and request their delivery services.

Gluten-Free Ingredients

featured image Origin Bakery The Gluten Free Option in Victoria 1 - Origin Bakery - The Gluten-Free Option in Victoria

For those of you curious to know what they use instead of wheat, we can tell you that they have a wide range of different flours to make their tasty pastries with. Everything from quinoa and amaranth, to almonds and potatoes.

All the ingredients they use are aimed at providing you with a highly nutritious and delicious bite to eat. At Origin Bakery they are mindful of educating their customers and offering you different healthy alternatives to fulfill your cravings.

Allergic? They Cater to You Too

If you have food allergies, you can also find a detailed list of what products you can eat at the bakery that are free from the ingredients that you can’t eat. They are very specific about it, including even the possibility that there might be traces of the allergens in certain products.

Tasty Bites

featured image Origin Bakery Tasty Bites - Origin Bakery - The Gluten-Free Option in Victoria

The fact that they are entirely gluten-free has no effect whatsoever on the number of delicious meals and snacks they offer you in their menu. Examples of the products they serve include vegan bread, Florentine bars, butter granola, quiche, biscotti, and a great many other mouth-watering items.

Having a gluten-free diet in Victoria can just be an excuse to visit wonderful venues like Origin Bakery. You can order most of their items, but whatever you do, just take your time to enjoy the bite of happiness they will serve.